The Einstein BuyPower Residential Investment Trust ARSN 621 450 397 Is a registered scheme (“Fund”). The responsible entity of the Fund is Huntley Management Limited ACN 089 240 513 (“RE”) who holds Australian financial services licence No. 229754, which amongst other things authorises it to operate the Fund being a scheme which only holds direct real property.

The issuer of units in the Fund is RE.

A Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) for units in the Fund will be made available when units in the Fund are released or otherwise become available.

The PDS is expected to become available in November, 2018 and may be accessed then at www.huntleygroup.com.au or www.propertycollect.com.au

A person should consider the PDS in deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold units in the Fund.

 All investment must be made on the contents of the Product Disclosure Statement to be issued. Any statements or assertions in the videos or presentation material in the Property Collect web site regards ‘optimum’ or ‘best rate of return’ or ‘best for you’ are made in the context of marketing and is not intended to mislead. All investments have risks. All investors should consult their financial adviser prior to making any investment.