Discover… the smartest way to invest in residential property


10% plus return 

for the Einstein BuyPower™ Residential Investment Trust


Benefit from this smart innovative alternative to outright ownership of residential investment property


You receive greater

rent and capital growth


Collective BuyPower™

and BuildPower™

maximizes rent and capital growth


Banks regard bricks and mortar as the safest security in Australia.  The structure is ASIC compliant


Invest with no personal debt or liability


Invest from only $20,000


Investors have the ability to exit the investment if required


The property is clearly identified. Investors know exactly what they are buying – SelectPower™


Spread the rental and sales risk across multiple properties

What sort of returns are targeted?

10% plus pa

Residential property is a solid, reliable investment that has continued to perform over time

With Property Collect, you receive the rent and capital growth,

just as if you owned an investment property outright

Return on $40,000 invested over 10 years

Return on asset classes over 20 years from 2014

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What is BuyPower™?

About Property Collect

What is BuildPower™?

Experience why BuyPower™ is excellent, BuildPower™ is extraordinary and SelectPower™ is choice


The aim of Property Collect is to source and purchase the ‘best value’ residential investment property for our collective investors.

We use our extensive network of agents, builders, developers and referrers to source and thoroughly research high growth, high yield built residential investment property and then use ‘BuyPower™’ to acquire that property at ‘wholesale price.

We use that same network to source and thoroughly research high growth, high yield development sites and then use ‘BuildPower™’ to deliver the residential investment property to our collective investors at ‘cost price’.

As Property Collect investors receive rent and capital growth in the same manner as outright residential property investment, both of the objectives above optimise return opportunity and mitigate investment risk.

With these objectives met, Property Collect, then undertake prudent property management and ultimately target sale price maximisation to achieve the best possible result for the collective investors.

Timothy Wright


Tim’s vision is realised

Tim said he had a yearning for all Australians to have the opportunity to own residential investment property and to harness the power of collective wealth. So he set the goal for the Property Collect team to create Property Collect. Tim said it had to be highly affordable, have tangible buying power, bricks and mortar security, easy for SMSF to invest, simple to understand, but clearly innovative… and this we have done.

Tim said he wanted the 1.9 million Australians who have the benefit of residential investment property ownership today to be 3 million Australians in 5 years using Property Collect as the direct alternative to such outright investment property ownership… and this we will strive to achieve.

Tim says if you truly want to get ahead, whatever your other investments may be, you need to invest into the one tangible asset on this earth – property – everyone needs a roof over their head.

With all this thought and effort, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to invest with Property Collect and experience the power of collective investment.

``As an independent firm providing research into the residential property market, Broad Property Research & Advisory Pty Ltd has always been impressed with the calibre of the projects that Property Collect has been involved with. Intending buyers can be certain that a high level of due diligence has been undertaken by Tim Wright and the team in order to present value for money offerings with significant capital growth and rental return potential.``

-Broad Property Research and Advisory Group

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