Did you know that when a number of people pool their funds to buy a product they have greater negotiating power? This is BuyPower™.


Property Collect use it’s extensive network of agents, builders, developers and referrers to source and thoroughly research high growth, high yield built residential investment property and then use ‘BuyPower™ to acquire that property at ‘wholesale price’.

Investors pool their funds into a Trust structured in accordance ASIC regulations

 The Trust purchases multiple properties, e.g 40 apartments or 40 houses

The Trust holds the property for 5 to 10 years with the aim of maximizing rent and capital gain

Investors collectively share in the rental income and capital growth

A Property Collect Residential Investment Trust purchases multiple properties


BuyPower™ creates:


· The ability to invest in property at the best possible price

· Returns can be optimized because we can diversify between different types of properties, eg. it may be apartments or house and land

· Strategic buying : distressed assets

· Opportunity to invest in property where value can be added either through refurbishment, redevelopment or expansion

· Risk is minimized because we can diversify between different cities and different states to take advantage of different markets

· Property can be sold strategically over time

· Vacancy risk is reduced because rent is collected from a number of properties, not just one

· The potential for higher return because the Trust purchases property at the best possible price (less than retail price)



This is all backed up by an experienced management team who conduct thorough research and due diligence and inform you every step of the way. The Trust is structured in accordance with ASIC guidelines with an ASIC registered Custodian and Responsible Entity.