The direct alternative to outright residential investment property ownership

Watch the video below to find all the benefits of Property Collect, and how we are changing the face of the Australian property market – the revolution is here.

Real Estate News – Mark Tonelli


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Rethink the way you invest… Realise the benefits

Invest at wholesale or cost price targeting to maximise rent returns and capital growth.

Investors have the security of direct bricks and mortar ownership.

Receive rent and capital growth as if outright ownership.

Benefit from collective BuyPower™ and BuildPower™.

Peace of mind as no personal debt.

Access to an early exit structure.

Mitigation of risk by investment across a number of properties.

Minimal capital investment required compared to outright ownership.

Benefit from clear rental and sales program to reduce risk.

Take advantage of professional management of rent, sales and daily programs.