Experience The Power of Professionals


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be successful
Tap into the experience and expertise of the Property Collect Team

Investment decisions are not only about investing in a product, they are also about investing in the people
behind the product. Investors may own the ‘bricks and mortar’ and that is key to security – however,
maximization of rental and capital growth is a function of management and commitment to excellence.


The Property Collect Advisory Board, the Responsible Entity and the asset manager have many years of
proven experience in property, property development, rental and asset management.


When you invest in a Property Collect Residential Investment Trust, you are investing into skilled,
committed people that are performance driven to optimise return to investors.

Track Record

Our chairman has developed over $300 million of property in his own right or in joint venture arrangements,
which includes apartments (low rise and high rise), townhouses, villas, subdivisions and hotels.

If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed

Timothy Wright

  • Property Developer
  • Site and Property Acquisition
  • Development and Finance Co-ordination
  • Investor and Public Relations
  • Project Management and Property Sales

Adam Carter

Development Manager
  • Site Aquisition
  • Development Management
  • Investor and Public Relations
  • Research and Development Strategy
  • Project Management

Ralph Praeger

Principal at M&K Lawyers
  • Property Legals
  • Legal Compliance
  • Property Selection and Sales Analysis
  • Research Review and Advice
  • Management Review

Russell Sparke

Lawyer & Property Developer
  • Legal Compliance
  • Property Management Review
  • Selection Review
  • Investor Legal Matters
  • Development Strategys

Simon Wright

Marketing & Research
  • Marketing Co-ordination
  • Investor Relations
  • Research and Development
  • Property Selection and Sales
  • Public Relations

Dennis Mackenzie

Management Rights Specialist
  • Management Rights Compliance
  • Management Rights Analysis
  • Property Management
  • Development Strategy
  • Rental Operations