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Learn from the experts

Knowledge is power and knowledge is from education. Why does Property Collect have a focus on education? The answer is simple.
To invest you need to understand the research that we provide as well be able to analyse and make informed decisions
regarding the investment opportunities.

What you can learn from us

From the beginner to the advanced investor, you will learn how to achieve in the world of property investing.

  • Benefits and differences between property types
  • How to sift through all the information that is available in order to determine the right investment for you.
  • What your research criteria should be
  • How to structure your investment
  • What sort of return you should be seeking to minimize risk and maximise return
  • The tricks and traps of tax
  • Why people develop property and what is ‘the developer’s margin’?
  • How to make sure you are on the winning side
  • How to create the future you dream of


How we will teach you

  • Weekly blogs
  • Monthly newsletters
  • One education module a month
  • Seminars/Webinars
  • Social Functions – ask us direct